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Strengthening Your Brand

Whether you’re looking to impact the news cycle, enhance relationships with stakeholders, raise your name ID, launch an advocacy effort, or improve internal communications with your own team, Excelsior Strategies has a solution for you.

Crisis Management

When you've worked hard to build your reputation, you don't want your name to become synonymous with your worst day. Managing the message is never more important. With two decades helping governments and brands weather crises, Excelsior Strategies is ready to help you protect your reputation.

Media Relations

With an extensive media list, long relationships with reporters, editors and producers, and a reputation for trustworthiness, Excelsior Strategies can help you earn favorable press.

About Us

Knowledge & Experience

 Excelsior Strategies Founder and Principal Consultant Christian W. Peck is a veteran public relations professional with more than a decade as the spokesman for a county government serving nearly a quarter-million people. Christian brings broad experience and insight to this firm, having started his professional career as a newspaper reporter, served as a leader in both the military and heavy industry, managed political campaigns, designed and analyzed election polling and market research, and ghost-written op-eds that appeared everywhere from the Buffalo News to the Wall Street Journal

Building Great Reputations

Our Mission: Excelsior Strategies is committed to protecting our clients’ reputations, providing them the best possible outlet for their unique messages, and helping them strengthen their relationships with key audiences through media-savvy public relations and crisis communications services.

Excelsior is Latin for “ever upward,” and that is the outcome we will deliver to our clients.

Earned, Not Purchased

  At Excelsior Strategies, we believe that a reputation is earned. We work with our clients to develop a strategic and holistic approach to communications, built around newsworthy actions. In the words of one former American president, we believe your message succeeds when we “raise a banner of no pale pastels, but bold colors which make it unmistakably clear where we stand.” 

At Excelsior Strategies, we’ll help you do that, and realize success as bold as your message.

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