Campaign Management

In Politics, Winning isn’t everything. It’s the only thing.

Campaign Management

Campaign management is in our DNA at Excelsior Strategies. For more than a decade, Principal Consultant Christian W. Peck has organized messaging, ground programs, and even Election Night get-out-the-vote efforts for winning campaigns by Republicans, Democrats, Conservatives and Independents. From flipping entire municipal governments to the opposition party to reelecting embattled incumbent legislators, Christian Peck has done it all.

You need that kind of experience. Excelsior Strategies can provide you consulting on every aspect of your campaign’s message, and even how to win on the ground.

Telephone Outreach

Working with experienced Washington, D.C.-based partners, Excelsior Strategies will help you reach key demographics by telephone, using the latest robo call technology.

Targeted Online Advertising

Excelsior Strategies can help you get your message in front of actual targeted voters when they are online. Ask us how!

Direct Mail

Effective mailings are still one of the most powerful and proven tools for reaching your targeted demographics. Let us help you make your case directly to voters and consumers.

Targeted Text Messaging

Since 90% of texts are read within three minutes of being received, your campaign can reach voters and decision-makers immediately.

Door-to-Door Canvassing

Excelsior Strategies can help you and your team gain access to the latest app-driven tools to ensure you’re knocking on the right doors.


Excelsior Strategies is proud to work with top national polling and market research companies to test messaging and gain insights into larger races for office. Ask us if polling is the right tool for your campaign!

Opposition Research/Vulnerability Assessments

It’s good to know your opponent’s record, so you can educate voters on his or her results and performance. It’s good, too, to have indicators of what they will be saying about you. We can help you with this.