Community Relations

“Love Thy Neighbor” is also a good PR strategy

Community Relations

Every business undertaking is unique, but they all have one thing in common: they impact real, living, breathing people. Whether it’s homeowners adjacent to a development site complaining about noise and parking, environmentally-conscious advocacy groups worried your efforts will hurt quality of life, or committed labor organizations demanding union-scale pay for workers, your efforts will come under scrutiny.

At Excelsior Strategies, we can help mitigate these issues before they happen, and when they do, we can help you protect and enhance your organization’s public image. From coordinating corporate social responsibility programs to launching neighborhood education efforts, we can help you succeed—and warn you away from common pitfalls that could endanger your organizational goals.

 We’re here to help.

We Got Our Start Chasing Deadlines in the News Business

Our founder and principal consultant, Christian W. Peck, got his start in newspapers, working as a beat reporter and an op-ed writer, long before the first tweet was ever sent. The lessons he learned in newsrooms still apply today, and can help your organization build the right message for the medium.

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Excelsior Strategies Founder and Principal Consultant Christian W. Peck is a veteran public relations professional with more than a decade as the spokesman for a county government serving nearly a quarter-million people. He is Public Relations Society of America-certified in Crisis Communications.


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