With much of the world still shut down, and only some businesses resuming operations, now more than ever it’s important to take stock of our industry and what it can mean to your organization.

The decision to reopen the economy will not be without controversy. Nor will the decision to bring workers back to their jobs, to potentially expose people to a virus that does harm, by all accounts, at least as dangerous as a very bad flu season.

If your business or organization has never contemplated an Emergency Communications Plan, I strongly encourage you to do so. You will find that many people will not be rooting for your success when you reopen—in fact, many will want you to fail. This includes any number of interests that have decided they are stakeholders in this present reality. It goes beyond your employees, beyond your customer base, beyond your business’s suppliers. It might include organized labor, competitors, employees of your vendors disgruntled because your demand has forced them to return to work in frightening times.

It might include people who have decided the Novel Coronavirus is so frightening that the only effective treatment is a full shutdown of the economy.

The reality, however, is that at least some of your employees, your clients, or others your organization or business will come in contact with, will, in fact, contract the disease. In some, increasingly rare, instances, this will end fatally. In our hyper-charged media environment, with a national election added into the mix, you can expect your organization may be a news story, and not in a good way.

Take the time to prepare. Consider some strategies for the questions you can anticipate. If possible, talk to a Public Relations professional. But be prepared.

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