Crisis Communications

Crisis Communications

When your organization is under the microscope, the actions you took to prepare for this day matter. Your company’s reputation is more than just the quality of your brand: it’s how good the public feels about having you as a neighbor. Are you engaged in the community? Do you give back? Do you have credibility when you speak?

That credibility is going to be put to the test in a crisis. At Excelsior Strategies, we can help you navigate that crisis—but more importantly, we can help you make sure that you do the right things long before that day comes, so that your brand can endure even the stiffest of headwinds.

Experience is What Sets Us Apart and Will Set You Apart, Too.

Of course, how you deal with the crisis when it comes matters most of all, and that’s why Excelsior Strategies offers you the advantage of training and experience. Our founder, Principal Consultant Christian W. Peck, managed crisis PR events for a government serving 216,000 citizens for a decade before founding this firm. He is also Public Relations Society of America certified in Crisis Communications and has been trained in the role of social media in a crisis by Ragan Communications, a five-decade old thought leader in corporate communications.

Don’t let your worst day define you. Excelsior Strategies can help make sure it won’t.