Crisis Management


Business Dictionary defines crisis communications as “The effort taken by a company to communicate with the public and stockholders when an unexpected event occurs that could have a negative impact on the company’s reputation. This can also refer to the efforts of business or governmental entities to inform employees or the public of a potential hazard such as an impending storm which could have a catastrophic impact.”

You need experienced messaging professionals on your team when that impending storm hits. At Excelsior Strategies, we’ve been through the storm before. In fact, we’re even certified in Crisis Communications by the Public Relations Society of America.



Crisis Management

We define it as your responsibility to do the right thing for yourself, your teammates, and your neighbors.

Crisis Communications Plan

Let us develop a crisis communications plan for your organization and conduct crisis communications training with you and your team that will help your brand weather the storm when it comes.

Excelsior Strategies

Has the storm already hit? Contact Excelsior Strategies so we can help you.

Consultation Sessions

You’ve invested countless hours in building your brand—be it personal or corporate. In a world where a tweet can ruin a reputation in hours, you need the ability to mitigate damage and begin repairing, rebuilding, and reengaging. Excelsior Strategies can help. Whether your issue requires community engagement, investor relations, customer communications, government relations, internal communications, or social media pushback, Excelsior Strategies can guide your strategic planning.