Issues Advocacy

You say you want a revolution? We all want to change the world.

Whether you’re looking to change the public’s mind on social issues, build consensus for public spending, or stand up for Constitutional rights, having the right message matters. A comprehensive approach—including poll-testing messages, identifying key audiences, and sharing positive stories with influencers and the broader public, is vital. So is ensuring the words you say have power. Excelsior Strategies is ready to help give your message real impact so you can generate real change.

Press Releases

Carefully-crafted messaging targeted to the right media contacts helps ensure your message connects with the audience you’re trying to impact.

Press Conferences

You want to make your case. Excelsior Strategies can help, by helping you take a professional message directly to the media and to readers and viewers at home.

Talking Points

We help you anticipate the questions that are coming and provide you with the strongest possible answers.


Make your case by arguing with facts, statistics, and passion.


At Excelsior Strategies, we have more than two decades experience shaping public opinion. From op-ed writing to public opinion surveys to direct mail, we’ve developed and deployed the tools that will help you change minds and win hearts.