Media Relations

Media Relations

The communications theorist Marshall McLuhan famously said, “The medium is the message.” At Excelsior Strategies, we know this to still be quite true—in fact, we build our communications strategies around it.

In the age of tweets and hashtags, it’s easy to forget how enormously powerful traditional media is at shaping public perception of your brand. However, a 2018 study of more than 34,000 American adults by Pew Research found that in the vast majority of U.S. markets, local television was still the dominant source of news and information across a wide range of demographics.

Strong Relationships

At Excelsior Strategies, we have strong relationships with local media, and know how to get your message in front of reporters and producers by building content for their particular medium. That’s because we understand that news is a commodity that needs to be marketed like any other.


Targeted Messaging

Excelsior Strategies can help you reach your target audience better than the competition. With a segmented media list containing hundreds of unique contacts, we can get your words, your message—really, your vision—in front of the right target audiences, whether you need us to write and distribute a press release, make a story pitch, or help you with a press conference or event planning.


Real Experience

If reporters are the gatekeepers controlling your access to the general public, then make sure you put your PR news project in the hands of someone who actually began his career in a newsroom working on deadline.



We Got Our Start Chasing Deadlines in the News Business.

Our founder and principal consultant, Christian W. Peck, got his start in newspapers, working as a beat reporter and an op-ed writer, long before the first tweet was ever sent. The lessons he learned in newsrooms still apply today, and can help your organization build the right message for the medium.

Contact Excelsior Strategies and impact tomorrow’s news today.

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Excelsior Strategies Founder and Principal Consultant Christian W. Peck is a veteran public relations professional with more than a decade as the spokesman for a county government serving nearly a quarter-million people. He is Public Relations Society of America-certified in Crisis Communications.


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