Press Conferences

Press Conferences

You want the media to pay attention to you. The first step is knowing what they’re looking for. The second step is putting on a professional presentation—one that reflects well on your campaign or organization, and ensures the media deems you newsworthy and relevant.

Knowing what reporters, editors and producers are looking for is key to attracting them to your event. At Excelsior Strategies, we have extensive background in organizing and executing press conferences that will leave you looking head and shoulders above the competition, and ensure your message gets past the media gatekeepers.

We Got Our Start Chasing Deadlines in the News Business.

Our founder and principal consultant, Christian W. Peck, got his start in newspapers, working as a beat reporter and an op-ed writer, long before the first tweet was ever sent. The lessons he learned in newsrooms still apply today, and can help your organization build the right message for the medium.

Contact Excelsior Strategies and impact tomorrow’s news today.