Strategic Communications

Excelsior Strategies has a solution for you.

Strategic Communications

Whether you’re looking to impact the news cycle, enhance relationships with stakeholders, raise your name ID, launch an advocacy effort, or improve internal communications with your own team, Excelsior Strategies has a solution for you.


Strategic Communications

At Excelsior Strategies, we take a strategic and holistic approach to communications that ensures all communications efforts at all levels reinforce the same message. Before a single word is uttered publicly, there should be a communications plan with a clear understanding of intended audience and desired results.

Targeted Messaging

arned the importance of strategic messaging in politics and government service. Strategic communications must be used to reinforce an organization’s values, and actions need to live up to those values and be highlighted for target audiences repeatedly. Failure to connect with message consumers can have dire consequences. In the punishing world of politics, the public rendered its verdict at election time; in the business world, the public’s judgment can come at virtually any moment.

Ongoing Consultation

Excelsior Strategies offers ongoing consultation services to our clients to help them burnish their credentials and build rapport with target audiences. As Plymouth State University Professor Warren Mason noted, strategic communications is focused on “issues that might jeopardize an organization’s very survival.

Community Affairs and Community Engagement Efforts

Excelsior Strategies is committed to helping your community affairs and community engagement efforts, as well as investor relations, employee relations, customer communications, and government relations all stay on-message. From event planning and speech writing to copy writing and press releases, Excelsior Strategies will ensure your messaging is consistent across all target audiences while emphasizing their key interests.

Reputation Management

Reputation management is a key component of the services Excelsior Strategies offers our clients. On sunny days, a sterling reputation means you can advance your objectives, and on cloudy days, credibility is key to weathering a crisis.

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